We also counsel production studios and agencies on using generative A.I. in their creative and production workflows. As part of the CVEU workshop, we recently advised engineers from Netflix, META, Adobe, and Samsung. Our team has been active in the creative A.I. community since 2017, using A.I. to innovate and expand storytelling. In all of our counseling, the services we offer, and the tools we develop, we always place the elation and elevation of human potential at the center of the creative A.I. revolution.

For further reading, please find our founding partner Pinar Seyhan Demirdag’s articles on creative A.I. on her Medium blog.

Inspiration talks

In 2022 Pinar has given inspirational talks at SXSW, Eyeo Festival, Fifteen Seconds, London International Animation Festival, CVEU, NFT Expoverse Los Angeles, FOUND Salone, frame:work London, Global, Money & Success Magazine, META Festival. For bookings, please email: