“Cuebric: Generative AI comes to Hollywood”


Since 2020, through the creative AI solutions we create, the human-guided tools we develop, and the generative + ethical AI education we offer, Seyhan Lee has been the driver of the film and entertainment industry’s adoption of generative AI.

The Seyhan Lee collective includes some of the best minds in generative AI, including directors, creatives, machine learning specialists, and engineers. This combination of talent, experience, passion, and collaborative energy contributed directly to the conception and creation of Cuebric.


On Set AI VAD Department
AI Film Production
AI Title Sequences and Openers
AI Music Video
AI Concert/DJ Backgrounds
AI Immersive Experiences

Creative AI education

We provide creative AI education to production studios and agencies.

As part of the CVEU workshop, we recently advised engineers from Netflix, META, Adobe, and Samsung, and have given generative AI education courses to Nike, Wieden+Kennedy, and TBWA.

“A.I. Creative Production Studio Seyhan Lee Launches 'Cuebric', a revolutionary new tool bring generative A.I. Technology to Filmakers and Creatives. Bleeding-edge technology allows creators to go from imagination to set in real-time, eliminating cost and time barriers in production.“

- CG Society

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